Bottineau Courant - "Wyman prepares to release her second album"

Wyman prepares to release her second album

Lexi Wyman returns from Nashville recording studio


By Scott Wagar

Bottineau Courant


After introducing her freshman album two years ago to the music world, Lexi Wyman is on the verge of releasing her second album in the near future, which she is excited to share with everyone who enjoys music.

“I am ecstatic about getting new music out again,” Wyman said.” I’m proud of what we accomplished on my first project, but I have grown so much as a songwriter, artist and performer in these last years. So, I’m thrilled for people to hear the new music we have been working so hard on. It won’t disappoint.”

The sophomore album, which hasn’t been titled yet, is pure Lexi Wyman and her love for country music.

“I’ve lived on a farm, and have grown up listening to country music, so I will always stick pretty close to my roots,” Wyman expressed. “This EP is modern country, but a couple of the songs have a more traditional country feel, while we pushed the envelope a bit on some of the others. I feel like we have a really good variety of songs.”

In the last year, Wyman has traveled to Nashville to write songs for her up and coming album, which she did with a group of song writers.

“I would say that in the past, 95 percent of the songs I have written have been ones that I have written by myself. So, I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle being in writing groups with sometimes up to four other people, but it went so great,” Wyman explained. “Everyone worked really well together.

“I now understand why so many songwriters choose to co-write,” Wyman added. “It’s so cool to be able to bounce ideas back and forth, and sometimes come up with something you never would have been able to do on your own. I’m so proud of these songs, and every time I hear them, I fall more in love with them.”

With the songs writing finished, Wyman came home for a short time to resume her concert schedule.

She returned back to the eastern part of the nation early this year and started recording her EP in studios in Nashville and Washington, D.C.

“We did all of the tracking in Washington,” Wyman said. “Matt and Kevin Nolan, who are producing my EP, are from the D.C. area, and have recorded some of their Morrison Brothers Band music in The Buzzlounge Recording Studio; so, they were really comfortable and confident in that studio.

“And, let me tell you, they were right. That room produces such great sound,” she added.

The vocals were conducted in a Nashville studio, which also went well for Wyman.

“All I can say is we worked really hard on the vocals,” Wyman expressed. “And, I’m so happy with how they turned out.”

Wyman stated that during the recording process she was pushed to her limit in a positive way which made the EP even better than she expected.

“When I was cutting my lead vocals, a typical day in the studio would be arriving at the studio and focusing on one to two songs a day,” Wyman explained. “We wanted to get my vocals as close to perfect as they could be, while conveying the emotion for each song. Tom Maxwell, who is producing my vocals for the EP, and also co-wrote four of the five songs on the project, pushed me to my full potential.

“I hit notes that I didn’t think I would be able to hit,” Wyman added. “And, I think that’s what’s special about being in the studio with people that are not only great friends, but also believe in you and know your potential.”

There will be five songs on her new EP, which Wyman says has every inch of herself in the music.

“The recording process is not an easy one, but in my mind, it’s one of the best,” she said. “As a songwriter, every song I write I am a part of, I fall in love with, and there is a piece of me in it.

“I loved the songs the day we wrote them, but there is something special about getting in the studio and adding layers and layers to enhance the songs even more,” Wyman expressed. “They come to life, and you are able to put your vision into reality and hear what you’ve been hearing in your head.

“It’s amazing, and I couldn’t be happier with how they are sounding,” Wyman added.

When it comes to a favorite song, Wyman stated that she likes every song equally.

As the process continues on her second album, Wyman said it is going well thanks to everyone who is involved in the album.

“I have learned so much with this whole process,” Wyman said. “As with everything in life, you learn and grow from it all. I have made some lifelong friends and am so proud and thankful for everyone that has been a part of this project.

“I have become more confident in myself and have realized that you really can do anything if you put your heart and soul in it,” Wyman added. “This has been such an exciting chapter in my life and I’m grateful I am able to continue to pursue my dream.”

The EP should be out sometime this spring.

Individuals, who want to follow Wyman’s musical career, can go to Facebook at Lexi Wyman Music.

Photo: Dunn Daughters Photography

Photo: Dunn Daughters Photography