Bottineau Courant - "Wyman to open for Blackhawk.."

Wyman to open for Blackhawk

this weekend at the county fair

Lexi Wyman will be the opening act for the country group Blackhawk on Saturday evening in front of the grandstand

By Scott Wagar

Bottineau Courant


When Blackhawk takes the stage during the 127th Bottineau County Fair this weekend a local singer will take the stage before them warming up the audience in what is expected to be a large crowd for the Blackhawk concert.

Newburg native, Lexi Wyman, is the opening act for Blackhawk and she will be performing on Saturday evening (June 18) with songs from her self-title debut album, some covers and perhaps some new songs she is producing for her future sophomore LP. 

Being on the stage this Saturday evening is going to be a special moment for Wyman, because just a few years back as a young teenage girl she stepped on the fair’s stage for the very first time in her life to perform in its talent show. It is a moment she has never forgotten.

“I had no idea at that point that I would be able to do this for a career. I knew that I loved singing and performing, and I had the dream of being a professional artist in my head, but I couldn’t imagine the possibilities and people I would meet in only a couple of years,” Wyman said. “I remember being a little nervous and anxious before I took the stage, but mostly excitement, which is how I still get today. I just couldn’t wait to get on stage and be able to share my passion with everyone else.” 

Wyman’s professional career as a country singer has seen some great success after being out of high school for only a year. 

“It has been a great year, Wyman expressed. “I have been busy doing shows throughout the year and rehearsing with my band and getting ready for the summer dates coming up and really looking forward to just performing.”

In that time, Wyman debuted her freshman album, opened for Blackhawk in Minot, toured with the Morrison Brothers Band; and performed with the fame guitarist Chris Anderson who has played with Bad Company, Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Outlaws and many more bands; and, who will be making a guest appearance with Wyman on Saturday evening and also playing with Blackhawk during their set.

Outside of Blackhawk, Wyman will be playing some concert dates, festivals and be the opening act for Travis Tritt when he performs during the Midsummer Nights Jam in Velva on July 9.

Her new band, the Lexi Wyman Band, consists of Isaiah and Eli Roise out of Minot, and Dallas Wood of Newburg. The band will be touring around North Dakota and hoping to venture out to Montana, Minnesota and South Dakota in the future. 

When her touring season comes to an end late this fall, Wyman is heading off to Nashville to write music and meet up with some friends and other professional musicians. Although it is not a permanent move to the country music capital, she will be heading back to North Dakota.

“I to want to stay in North Dakota and work in the Midwest and just build a really great and close fan base here,” Wyman said. “And then, eventually moving down to Nashville.”

For now, Wyman is just enjoying the moment.

“It is kind of crazy to think that I am doing this as a career,” Wyman expressed. “I’m just trying to take it all in.”

Wyman will take the stage at the Bottineau County Fair at 7 p.m. with Blackhawk starting at 7:30 p.m.