Lyrics to Lexi's Self-Titled Debut Album

Little Piece of Me

Writer(s): Lexi Wyman

Verse 1:

There’s a little piece of me

That will always be

Scared to fall in love

There’s a tiny part of my heart

That’s afraid to fall apart

Maybe that’s why


I’m pushin you away

Like I’ve done so many times

You keep tellin me to stay

Sayin it’ll be alright

I’m like the wind, I come and go

You never know when that little piece of me will show

Oh no, you never know

Verse 2:

I’m standin at your door

Goodbye on my lips

Sorry in my eyes

You’re all I’ve wanted it to be

But that little piece of me

Is afraid of it all... scared to fall



Oh I push and I push you away

You keep sayin please stay

I’m like the wind, you never know

When that piece of me will show



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